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How can you avoid getting blisters when you're wearing high heels

Jimmy choo.Manolo blahnik.Christian louboutin.If these names mean nothing to you, then you're obviously not a fan of the high manolo blahnik sale uk heeled shoe.Fashionistas everywhere spend outrageous amounts of money on stylish heels.Many women say you can't have too many pairs of shoes.High heels make you look taller and give the illusion of longer, slimmer legs.Plus, many people simply find them fashionable.

Lest you think that high heels are only for the ladies, though, we'd like to point out that high heels actually started with men!Back in 9th century persia, men wore shoes with a high heel and sloped pitch for riding horses.In the early 1700s, france's king louis xiv tottered christian louboutin flat sandals around in 5 inch heels.

During the renaissance period, women wore platform heels some up to8 inches high in order to illustrate their wealth and standing in christian louboutin boots the community.Heels became mostly a fashion statement for women after that.However, the 1970s ushered in another era of platform shoes, and this time many men jumped on the bandwagon.Think john travolta in"Saturday night fever. "

Today, thanks in part to the tv series"Sex and the city,"Sky high heels and stilettos are back in style(Really, though, did they ever leave? ).However, style does come with a price.Medical professionals say that high heeled shoes not only constrict your foot and toes, but also put increased weight on that constricted area because of the forward pitch of the shoe.High heels can aggravate bunions, trigger corns, calluses and hammertoe and can even cause stress fractures in some women's feet.Doctors don't recommend women wear high heels on a regular basis for these reasons.

Those problems are all more long term, of course.Let's talk about a more common issue.One of the everyday, frequent problems your high heels may cause are blisters.While not terribly serious, blisters can be quite painful and more than a little annoying.They take a while cheap christian louboutin to heal and sometimes become infected.Your stylish shoes aren't quite so stylish with a bloody band aid hanging out of the back!

Don't trade your gorgeous new heels for a pair of crocs just yet, though.We have some great advice on how to avoid those pesky blisters.First up, we'll talk a little bit about blisters and how they form.

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Fall fashions michael kors outlet online for middle

Fall fashions michael kors outlet online for middle aged women

Now that you are in your 40s and 50s, your complexion has changed.TheColors you rocked when you were younger no longer seem to be working on you.The best thing to do is try on, try on, try on.ThoseColors you once shafted could now become your go toColors.TheColor trends for this fall include:SofterColors think pale pinks and blues(Christian dior), burgundy in rich fabrics like suede(Michael kors)Grape(Burberry), crimson and navy(Oscar de michael kors outlet uk la renta).TheseColors can paired wIth any of the neutrals already in your closet.You'll be up to date on yourColor trends and you just might find your new"It"Color.

There are some things that never go out of style.The 2011 fall fashion scene was rich with elegance think of the 1940s era when fashion was sensuous, ladylike and classic(Seen on gucci and miu miu runways).This trend is perfect for the middle aged woman who might not feel 100 percent confident in a newly changing body.The middle ages are known as a time when metabolism begins slowing and new body changes.Embrace those changes with a fitted figure michael kors outlet flattering pencil skirt.Now is also the time for graceful blouses in silk and light cotton;Pair them with a high waisted a line skirt for a fall look.Colored tights are still trendy so if you feel less than confident about legs(Varicose veins)Then slip on a pair with the elegant skirts.

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catching michael kors handbags outlet

Fergie vs penny lancaster

This week all eyes were on the curvaceous black eyed peas singer fergie at the glamour woman of the year awards when she turned up in a stunning michael kors white gown.

Fergie looks stunning in a long white michael kors gown

The greek goddess like dress wasn the only thing catching michael kors handbags outlet attention though;The blonde"Whose full name is stacy ann ferguson"Was showing off a much larger chest than usual.

The busty babe did admit that she put on weight though;Stopping speculation of a surgical enhancement, and the star definitely pulls off her new curves well.

The flowing ivory number michael kors online outlet was anything but simple, with an embroidered top half, accentuating her cleavage, while her accessories were very minimalistic.

The overall look was elegant and sexy, making fergie the best dressed celeb of the week.

What was penny lancaster thinking when she tried to dress up in leopard and faux fur?

Although her husband rod stewart seems to like what he seeing, we are not so keen on penny choice of wardrobe that michael kors australia she threw on for the 10th anniversary of claridges bar in london.

Mutton dressed as lamb might be one expression to describe this outfit, but to be honest the leopard print top and faux fur top are just plain hideous.

The ex model certainly has pins like a giraffe, but there is still a certain age bracket that can pull off those skin tight pvc trousers, and unfortunately it not much past 25.

At least the woman has confidence, as she gives the camera a giddy smile, but our advice is to pass that get up down to rod daughter kimberly and borrow the old man credit card for a new look!

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